Error Cannot connect to the GPM

Dear sir I installed admin plugin via ssh control, after the installation I am facing mention error “Cannot connect to the GPM” in admin interface only.
Please resolve the issue by analyzing all status.

Well that’s a bit strange because the admin uses the same logic as SSH. The only thing that is different is the PHP. Via SSH you use a CLI version of PHP, and via the admin, you use FCGI, or mod_php.

My guess is that this webserver version of PHP is missing one of the requirements or is locked down by your hosting provider so it is not able to use Curl or Fopen.

if I use admin builtin plugin then mentioned error does not come.

Can you explain what you mean with “admin builtin plugin”?

I mean the main package which is included admin plugin

Very strange! So

  • you have the error if you install the Admin in a Grav site which didn’t have Admin preinstalled,
  • you don’t have the error if Admin is preinstalled

need to find out what could be the difference between the two

Yes sir right, even I have tried several time by reinstalling everything.