Grav and Dropbox

I’m wondering if Grav has any particular abilities or I your guys have written up any “best practices” for Dropbox related things such as:

Backup from Grav to Dropbox
Deploying Grav sites via Dropbox
Other Dropbox integrations

We did write up a Dropbox blog post a while back about some simple integration with Dropbox.

Locally (mac/windows) it’s just a matter of using a symbolic link for your entire site to a Dropbox folder. Dropbox synchronizes asynchronously so it’s not a performance issue at all.

On a server, it’s a bit more complicated because you need to be able to either:

  1. setup Dropbox service on the service and another symbolic link the grav site.
  2. use PHP Dropbox API to sync changes

obviously #2 is harder, and this would require some level of development effort. #1 is going to be your best bet though if at all possible.

Dropbox allows only one account per computer (two if you add business) and partial sync is somewhat difficult.

Currently I use bittorrent sync which allows the server to sync multiple disjoint directories.

We use GitHub to sync. It’s not automatic, it requires a ‘push’ from the development side, but that actually provides us with a nice level of control. As soon as it is pushed to github, there is a post-hook that automatically triggers a pull on the production server.

it’s a very simple process but enormously powerful. The added benefit is that because we are using Git on both sides, we can easily roll back production to a working state if we were to break something.

This is probably something I should do a blog post on, although it’s definitely not for the casual user. You do need to know your way around the command line.

That would make for a great blog post. The concept of a Git driven deployment strategy is interesting and I’d like to learn more about the implementation details for Grav.

Would love to see this blog post as well. I’m working on setting this up myself right now, and it would be cool to see if my setup is similar to what you’re doing. I bet these types of blog posts would also help with bringing in new users.

Did you see this?

I did. I was actually referring to a blog post about your github syncing. Mine is working great now. Just trying to work out the localhost bugs at this point.