Git Sync manual updates?

This may be overkill but I’m trying to create two Grav sites, one “testing” site and one “production” (or “live”) site on my server. The idea is to have my Grav site set up on a Github repository. I’ll work on my local machine, then sync with Github. I plan to have my testing server automatically sync with Github so I can ensure everything works with my server (I’m using Linode with Caprover so it’s a little screwy, but works really well when it works). Once I’ve verified that everything is good on the testing site I’ll manually sync the “production” server and make the changes live.

The problem is I cannot find a way to have my production server sync manually when I use the Git Sync plugin. I’ve turned off all the settings I can find (using the Admin interface). I think I can force it to manually sync from the site to Github, but it appears to be automatically syncing from Github to the site no matter what I do.

Any suggestions on how I can keep my “production” Grav site from automatically pulling from Github when there are changes on Github?