Your blogging workflow?

So, I was wondering if people can share their blogging/grav workflow? Which and how tools to write posts, edit grav and upload content are being used?
I’m about to change my workflow and while I’m still using iA Writer, instead of uploading the posts via FTP I was thinking that it’s easiest if I save the posts on my dropbox account and keep that dropbox folder synched with the grav installation.

I’ll share mine in regards to blog. First I store the entire user/ folder in bitbucket (similar to github). This is with the exception of the user/plugins/ folder. This lets me use bitbucket’s source and revision control as needed. Any pushes I make into bitbucket fires a posthook which updates the live site. This is basically the same process as I outlined for GitHub in the blog.

Locally I personally like to use SublimeText3 for editing my content as I prefer the powerful editing features of pretty NWYSIWYG markdown clients.

Typically when creating a new blog post, I copy and rename an existing one that is similar, and just start editing. I have a local dev environment of the setup, so I can test and see a live view of what my blog post will look like.

When I’m done, I simply commit and push my changes via SourceTree (free git client).

BTW, dropbox is another great option and here is a blog post that outlines the steps required. The trickiest part will be installing dropbox on your server however.

Hi, while my blog here was not meant to be a blogging workflow, I describe with some detail how to deploy with dandelion. That command line tool is git aware and will transmit only those files that have changed since last invocation.
I edit in a simple editor (emacs) because WYSIWYG markdown editors will not render like your browser (for instance due to CSS or non markdown tags like [toc] or special twig filters, etc). I run the server locally to verify it looks okay before committing and transferring with dandelion.

Glad, I found this post! I had a similar idea of managing and deploying content with gitlab. Just a simple and theoretically question (I haven’t tried it yet) : if I use the admin panel and the manual way of editing content, doesn’t this end up with a merge conflict? Any ideas?

well if you managed your content using the admin on your local, then pushed the changes into github, you would not have an issue.

If you managed your content on your remote site directly, you would have an issue for sure, and would have to push/merge your changes back to github from your remote server. This would negate the whole benefit if using github in the first place.

Hey! One last question regarding this topic. You said you store the entire user folder in Git. Do you separate content from dev stuff, like templates and theme files? Or just store everything in one repo and in a single branch? Right now I’m working on a page containing a large image gallery and I’m afraid that storing all content related images in the repo could be overkill.

Yup, I put everything in Git. There is no size limitation. Also I can take advantage of branches if i’m working on something prolonged and i want to be able to push it up for others to see/work-on and it not be in the branch that is synced to the live site.

Ok thanks! I’m going to work with a separate “content” branch then.

Just reading this post now… I am a big fan of GitHub Desktop and using Deploy for pushing my GitHub changes to a FTP site. You can read more about my Grav workflow at