Grav on github - publish to ftp host

This post is a statement; not a question, sharing for info if anyone is interested. Corrections or observations welcome.

I have set up local grav/docker (raspberry pi) with a blog+admin skeleton. This is cloned to a github repo ( I have a .gitignore for backup, cache and logs.

My live grav is hosted on to a (free) x10hosting site, again with a clean blog+admin skeleton. Content is sync’d using the (fine) ftp Deploy github action to deploy only the user/pages folder.

The repo is visible for anyone to review and even clone (the ftp will not work without username and password secrets saved for the Action)

Limitations: I realise any template or config changes are NOT shared between local test and live, but I am happy with that, as I am trying to keep to a basic skeleton as the foundation.

Next steps: create a new testing branch on github to make and test changes to the local docker image, and then merge testing into main when happy, and this will deploy to live.

It’s better to post a topic as a question and then answer it on a separate post and mark it as a solution (yes, you can mark your own posts as a solution :slightly_smiling_face:). This helps in searches and also helps better understand the problem solution is for

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ok, your post is now a solution; sorted :wink:

Thanks, it’s great to share workflows. This is certainly a different take to mine but seems to use some of the same tools. I feel like my system is working pretty well so hopefully I’ll get a moment to write that up one day too :slight_smile:

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Yeah… That’s far from what I’ve meant :roll_eyes: My suggestion is nowhere near a solution :slight_smile:


We’re getting meta now …

I wondered if the problem was that the original post was made in a support category, but I changed it to “Showcase” and it still shows a ‘Solution’ box. Discourse also won’t let me uncheck the marked solution. I’m slightly curious but not looking into this further :confused: