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Hi all. Soon 2018, and this year for me Grav has become a great alternative for some projects. But I like some wrote, there is some stagnation in the development of cms. I even spent some time with a sponsor, but a few months later and refused to have studied another system with a powerful ecommerce add-ons.
Admin Pro very long been announced, but we have not seen. Plugins are basically not very functional. Most plugin is absolutely not needed and can be easily replaced by custom code or APIs.

Please tell us about your plans in development. Should I continue to keep in mind as a potentially powerful Grav and develop the system? Or you are at an impasse and the flat file system is a dead end?

I think such thoughts occupy the minds of many users. All happy.


Same concerns here, which I have brought up) a while back and have not received a fully satisfactory answer. Admittedly the question was more about how active theme development is, but it all is related I think.

I would not say though that the flat file system is a dead end, as an example Kirby CMS is using it too and it works really nice (and without the need to mess about with Twig).

I really do not agree to that statement, check the github stats, you will find many people still donating their time and talent to this great open source project. Andy released 1.4beta-3 just today whit a new theme for admin and front end, and Grav 2 is also on the way.

Well, plugins are also custom code that someone created and shared with the community, if something is missing, everyone is invited to collaborate.

Every once in a while @rhuk shares his plans for the future, be pattient. The development of GRAV, themes and plugins is active for sure.

Developing for grav is great, if you have the opportunity, go ahead you won’t regret.

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Grav development is actually very active. I’m just super busy at the moment and trying to balance time between all my obligations.

As @hugoaf mentioned, Grav 1.4beta is in active development and so is the new Quark default theme which is based on Spectre.css framework. Along with this, we’re working on Grav 2.0 Roadmap which you can read about here: https://github.com/getgrav/grav/issues/1767

Also, we have some big updates in the pipeline for getgrav.org which will dramatically improve the downloads section and expand some other areas such as the “who’s using Grav” section.

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