Why dont you finish it?

There is no admin area. if your going to any app (add edit pages ect)… finish it. Im an average guy, but your cms really sucks… sorry dude Ive been through MANY of them, so ya I can honestly say that yours does honest suck dude. Finish it and dont wast my time please.

Hi Wolf Heart, Please understand that this is not yet a finished product and technically still in in beta. Andy and they guys are doing this mainly in their spare time/voluntary basis.

in its current state, Grav is very good for developers to start playing with and is already a very powerful cms - The documentation is stellar and is a good place to start with gaining an understanding of how the CMS works.

There are plans to increase its audience (to general users) around the time of the 1.0 release - which will most probably include the basic admin panel.

Please be patient, I am for one glad that they are developing this in the open as this gives us all an opportunity to test and help improve the CMS and make it a product that we can all be proud of.

These sorts of projects take time to develop and for the product to be of a high standard, trust me, it will be worth the wait! :slight_smile:

Grav is not a traditional CMS like WordPress, or Joomla that needs and admin. It’s a flat file CMS that is 100% configurable via simple yaml files, and content is simply markdown in a text files also. Grav is in the same genre as statamic, kirby, pico, jekyll, octopress. Most of these don’t have an admin at all, of if they do, they are very simple affairs for adding content only.

As karnage said, we are in a beta phase to put the development effort into making the Grav core as solid as possible. Right now we are most interested in developers using it, because they are the people that can help find bugs, and fix them. It is an open source project and a labor of love after all.

The admin has been delayed a little because some of the resources helping me with it, had to switch to another project. However, we are now gathering a team of community members who are going to start helping to get it finished up. In the meantime, we are also continuing to add features, functionality, bug fixes, and in general, improve Grav on an almost daily basis.

As I would hate to waste your valuable time, and as you appear to be a non-developer type, I can make an educated guess and say Grav is not for you at this time. When we finish the admin, and Grav is more accessible to regular users, perhaps you could revisit it then.

I think for most of the current users the admin plugin is not essential for using the CMS itself. And although I’m rather curious about it myself I’m rather glad I don’t depend on it as I did with most of the other CMS systems around.

Handling markdown files and knowing your way around the bowels of grav is the perfect way to get independed of the typical click drag drop fancy CMS. Most of them are slow, impossible to adapt or completely overloaded with lots of things most of us don’t need anyway. But if you’re willing to learn some twig and SCSS you soon realize that grav is more simple and beautiful to use than you could ever imagine.

Being rude and impolite reflects the obvious lack of respect to a very active and happy community around some few developers who are always responsive, helpful and seem to really care about us, the community.

Well said @nickbe :slight_smile:

It’s worth mentioning that a good admin can only happen if there’s a solid system behind it. Rushing an admin on top of an unstable or not well tested system is good only for issues. And I think it benefits everybody to have a good platform before an admin.

Nevery looked at is like this… Good approach :slight_smile:

omg… I thinking do not understand and tried to translate with google… I think this:

  1. first if you not like a project simple give up and remove from your mind.
  2. if you want the admin cp the best way is not rude and not respect the team/cooperators/community because if you want destroy the face of developers with this you destroy only your face.

I think my english isn’t good, i may you can understand the ppl here not like the bad comments when is not costructive…

What’s your native language? :slight_smile:

damn italian xD

Ah well… Figured out what you meant anyway. :wink:
My advice is simply to ignore a few bad comments in favour of the whole community who does support and respect you guys. Can’t think of being without grav now. And you guys have all the reason to be proud of it.

For my opinion a admin area is a >must have. A developer does have no problems with using the cms without a admin section but a normal standard user >is in need of it and a normal user also does not want to learn a extra markdown language or scss or something like this.

I know GRAV is extremely powerful and its awesome for developers and with RocketTheme their is also a good team behind the dev-process, but at the end of development of a website a >normal owner of the website comes to place and he/she will become sick with using this cms I think. The first important thing with developing a new application is always >make it as user-friendly as possible.

I love GRAV and its awesome features but for my opinion the admin area is a must have :wink:

THX for reading and I wish You all much fun. Keep up the good work mates!

Only thing worth mentioning is it’s “STILL IN BETA!” - we’re lucky that we get to play with it at the ground level. Can you think of any other product other than open source software where you get to play (as a community) and give feedback to the team making it.

Did you get to do that with your iphone, your favourite brand of coffee or your car before you went out and bought it? NO!

I wouldn’t class myself as a developer either. I know enough to hack my way around CSS and templates etc but I’ve taken the time to read through the documentation, learn about the system, put up a few test sites and be thankful and polite when I get assistance from the development team.

If you take anything from your namesake Wolf Heart realise that wolves are pack creatures and work as a team to bring down their prey. If you want the admin panel quicker, work with the team to get it up and running instead of bitching about the lack of progress (that you’re contributing zero of your own time to I might add) on the forum.

^^ just a reminder guys… that post is from february…