Is Grav still under active development?

The main website hasn’t had any new official blog entries for7 months, when the last update to the Admin page’s news feed was generated. Outside the forum, there doesn’t seem to be much action. Three years ago they were talking about Grav2 and PHP8 and whatnot, but nothing since. I’d love to be wrong, since I’m running websites on it. Yes, there was an update yesterday, but, beyond that, Grav looks like a ghost town. Do I need to start thinking about a move to a different CMS that is under active development?

NVM, I found the discord.

The CHANGELOG is a better indicator of development.

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Might want to pin this. I imagine most people who reach this board are going to be asking the same question (I was)

I think many people will wonder this at some point after digging around, but I’m in two minds about pinning this thread. If I was to guess the state of the project, I think it’s active but under-resourced. An announcement-style notice from a team member might have more credibility than a thread with people discussing it.

As it happens, I found the graph of discord, where most of the ongoing conversation is taking place. Basically, there is one primary developer, the creator of Grav, who is still putting in around 20 hours a week on the core project. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind some help, and if I was a PHP instead of a .NET developer, i’d be inclined to help. In any event, some development effort is continuing.

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