FreshDesk plugin kills website


I’m using Antimatter and i’ve recently installed FreshDesk plugin. However, it immediately kills my website and i can only see white pages. I’ve tried restarting the website host, but that didn’t work.

Removing the plugin folder resolves this. Also, this has happened before for other plugins.

Please help

Might be hard to reach the plugin developer arround this forums. If you are not getting answer, I will recommend to raise an issue directly in the repo of the plugin, in this case:

Could you provide more details? :slight_smile: I see no errors in my installed version, what other plugins are these that you had the same issue with?


I’ve just tried a fresh install of the one page skeleton + admin installed. I installed FreshDesk then the screen went white. No errors. It’s the same for the main screen and the admin.


It’s a shame! Looking forward to that plugin!!

I cannot reproduce this at all, tried with multiple setups, multiple skeletons, none broke :taco:
What setup are you installing this on?

I’ve got this set-up on an Windows 2012 R2 server using IIS.

Hope this can be of any help to you :

Hi - Gitbash works fine for me. Although, i usually install plugins via the admin portal?

So the install of the freshdesk plugin was a success installing through gitbash? I’m too unfamiliar with windows servers to say if it’s cause of that, that you’re not able to install it… But my guess is, it is, cause on linux/mac I haven’t had any issues

Yeah, it installs fine. Then i get an instant blank white page after i refresh it.

I’ll keep trying.

Maybe there is a php.log / error.log which can show you the direction. :wink:

Can’t find any logs for it :frowning:

It’s just so weird. As soon as i remove Freshdesk from plugins folder, my website comes back to life immediately

When i remove freshdesk.php from the folder, the page loads. What in there is not compatible with my php settings?

I’m using IIS and i’ve installed PHP 7.1.7 via web platform installer. I’ve got 40 plugins working fine. Website performance is excellent.


let’s make some educated guesses:

Does admin still work?

Then move the the beginning of the function and check if it still does.

Perhaps may be the problem also, since the other uses should be pretty much the same in other plugins.

Besides: You should really find out how to get the PHP logs in this Environment. Since I’m 100% Linux, I can’t really help you on that.


Thanks for trying to help.

Admin does not work when enabled.

Apologies, i’ve taken a look at the highlighted lines, but i’m not sure what i do next? i’ve tried commenting them out to see if it loads the page, but it still doesn’t.

I will try get the php logs working and copy them in here.

I’ve managed to get it working. I had PHP 7.1 and 5.6 installed at the same time and the FastCGI was running from the 5.6 directory. Uninstalling that and making sure it runs under 7.1 fixed it. Well, it doesn’t turn the whole website into a white page, but need to actually test the plugin later.

HOWEVER, since doing that, i’ve now lost my right handside scroll bar. Unable to upgrade to Grav & current version i'm missing the right hand scrollbar

I fixed this previously by reverting back and then re-installing the latest version. Is this a bug or just an issue affecting my environment? It was never an issue before…

Also, since that my dashboard never fully loads

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Reverted back to older version and then re-upgraded. Fixed the problem. Not sure if this is a bug though.