White screen after install

Sorry This has been driving me crazy for 2 days now and I am probably missing some simple point.
I have read looked at Youtube videos tried to follow /learn.getgrav.org/webservers-hosting/shared/rochen
all in vain.
I am using 1und1 shared server. SSH is on. I have one key
Tried to access it with Putty with no success. PHP is 5.6
I have unzipped and uploaded also uploaded and unzipped on the server.
I have a sub directory for draft websites. So Grav is in drafts.mydomain/grav/grav-admin.
When I give this url in the browser all I get is a white page.
I can see no reason why there should be a problem with the .htacess unless I have missed it. It is on the server.

I did upload gravstrap skeleton and got a one page website, but that was it. I could not set up an admin account.
Test domain is entwurf.wats-on.de/grav/grav-admin.
I have been using CMSMS and am looking to move to a new CMS for several sites on different servers. As they are small I do not want to start with the big systems so this looks attractive.
I must be doing some thing silly as no one lse seems to have this problem.

hi goldeni,

did u changed the rewrite rule in the .haccess file? in ur case like that:

RewriteBase /grav/grav-admin

hope it helps

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Frankly, rather than a whole lot of troubleshooting for your 1and1 hosting, how about simply changing to a better more full featured hosting provider? You would have less issues, and better performance and support. We do list a bunch of recommended hosting providers and how to set them up best in our docs.

i run a grav cms successfully on 1und1 webspace.

Thank you
I messed up. It even tells you in the .haccess file and I expected it and looked for it, but must have missed it and i can not see how. It works now. I was looking for a more complex reason after reading the instructions on shared hosting
I use a couple of providers, but generally do my Dev/learning work on 1und1. I have been more than happy with them so far.