Forms and Blueprint

Hi again :slight_smile:

I have developed a form using blueprint for a specific page, but I’ve a problem with the multi-language. When I save normally everything is fine, and when I try to save in a specific language the default form appears :frowning: (the data of my form is also deleted.)

Do you know how I can make this form works with multi-language ?

Thank you so much :slight_smile: Sorry for the double post, but I also find nothing for this issue :frowning: !

Nobody can help me :frowning: ?

There are no known issues in saving forms in different languages inside Admin. Please open an issue on with more details on how to recreate the problem.

I had the same issue…just switched back to my last backup without multilanguage - and it works again

Thank you for your replies guys ! As you said, I deleted the multilanguage plugin and it works, but I need it for my website… I don’t really know how to solve this issue. ! I will try to open a issue for this issue :frowning: !