Multilanguage form does not work

Hi, my form (using captcha v3, language.yaml, message,…) is working fine as long as I use one language (default EN), the path to the form is “
If the site support more languages (added french and dutch), the form does not process. The form is located at “”.

Strange thing is I do not get an error. When submitting the form it doesnt do a validate, just clear all fields (reset).
It must be something I am missing… do I have to set an “action:” for multilanguage forms?
Thank you !

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Hmmm… I just set up a new empty site with default theme Quark and the form is working with multilanguage support.

So it must be something with my own theme templates, damn… my own fault :slight_smile:

Sorry for bothering… :smile:

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I have the same issue and it occurrence randomly on the Rockettheme.
Perhaps this happens under the cookie influence?