Form with multilanguage

Hi everybody !

I just built my first website with Grav, all from scratch including theme and it was a positive experience so far !

The only thing, I have a problem with my contact form. My website is a single multilingual modular page. I have defined the form in both my english and french modular subfolder and it works great. However, it seems like the form is always displayed with fields in one language, the first language the page is loaded after cache deletation. I empty cache then load french, form is in french when I switch to english. I even disbled cache for my Footer modular sub page but that doesn’t solve it.

I also tried to put a different form name in each language, then in content load it like this: {% include “forms/form.html.twig” with { form: forms(‘contact_en’) } %} or {% include “forms/form.html.twig” with { form: forms(‘contact_fr’) } %}, but then when I switch language, form is not displayed if it’s not the initial loaded language.

Is there something I have missed ? Is it a bug ?

You can see the site here:
I have put my two Markdown pages in a Gist here:


I think this problem will be addressed in the next form plugin release as I’ve fixed a caching problem that was not taking into account the pages-cache-id.

Thanks, I saw the new release as update in admin, just installed it, cleared cache but the problem still seem to persist. Or maybe it will be in an other future release ?

The current release (shipped 2 days ago) does not yet contain @rhukster fixes ( you can apply the fixes by manually installing into user/plugins/form