Filtering Items in Blog List

I have several pages, which are blog lists, containing several blog items:

Now I want to add a pages containing all the Items, but not the Lists.
I tried to add filters to the page, but honestly I don’t have any idea how this should work.
My try:

        - '@root.descendants'
            type: 'blog-item'

Is there anyway to do so?

Thanks in advance

Hallo again!

Is there really no one having an idea?


@fuxing, Not knowing:

  • where blog items are located below ‘/pages’ folder
  • what categories/tags have been used

I can only suggest to combine the collection definitions of the blog pages into one singe blog page. For example, when using the ‘Blog Site’ skeleton and the following content definition, the blog page will contain all blog items with tag ‘mushroom’ or ‘city’ found below the ‘/pages’ folder:

    - '@taxonomy':
        tag: [mushroom]
    - '@taxonomy':
        tag: [city]

Collections are an important part of Grav, you might want to take a closer look at the Page Collections documentation

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Thanks for your answer and the link to the “Page Collections” helped!
Because i don’t want to use tags or categories, I need to use the type filter.
But my mistake was the “-” because I have to use “blog_item” instead.