Content within Nested Folders

I’m new to Grav and trying to set up a blog with the following organization, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the content to show up. I started with the blog skeleton, but would like my posts within nested folders:

  - 2014
    - 05
      - random-thoughts
    - 06
    - 07

I’ve tried several different things in with the content:items option, but none of them display what I want. setting it to @self.children shows a blank 2014 post or any posts in the top level of the folder, and setting @taxonomy.category: blog doesn’t show anything. How can I list all posts within the folder and subfolders or can I not organize my files this way? Ideally I’d like to also create other pages such as a different taxonomies that use these files. Thanks!

Still no ideas on having a collection include nested items?

Looks like this one slipped through the cracks! @taxonomy should work, i’ll have to do some testing… bbiab :slight_smile:

Ok this totally works fine for me:

        @taxonomy.category: blog
        by: date
        dir: desc
    limit: 5
    pagination: true

All pages that have:

    category: blog  

Show up in the blog list for me.

Thanks! I thought it might have had something to do with taxonomy but I think I was using it wrong and the pages weren’t showing up. That works perfectly.