Page collection - target all posts but no pages

I want to put list of all blog posts in main directory of the website (not /blog). How can I tell Grav to list all the posts (but omit pages) in twig?

I added in front matter this but this will list also pages (as I target @root):

title: 'XXXXX'

    changefreq: monthly
    priority: 1.03

        by: date
        dir: desc
    limit: 10
    pagination: true
    description: 'XXXXX'
    limit: 10

If you have defined all your blog posts with some taxonomy, you can just use a collection that filters that taxonomy.

For example, I commonly set:

  category: blog

In all blog pages. That way I can easily gather up all my blog posts whenever I need them by just retrieving items with that blog category - more info here:

      '@taxonomy.category': blog

@rhukster - Yeah but it would be more handy if I don’t need to set each time for new blog post specific taxonomy and instead, Grav could automatically fetch only post type and not page type (based on template). So I could filter it like you can do it in twig by {% if page.template == 'post' %}

…so in front matter something along the way of:

     post: true

Is there something existing I could reuse? Tried post: true and page.template: post but it doesn’t work this way :grin: