New user questions

Hi - I’ve only just installed grav an hour ago. It works well and looks like a good solution. I have a couple newbie questions if you would not mind.

The page routes appear under grav-admin. Is there a way to have them all appear off the root / ?

Is there a solution for pasting images from the clipboard into an editor text area, like you can do on Github readme’s, issues and comments?

I’d like to periodically push my content files to git. Is there a recommended recipe or strategy for that? (Edit: looks like there’s a git sync plugin)

Thank you for any advice or pointers.

Kind regards,

Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by that. I’m guessing that you installed grav into a subfolder of your webroot named grav-admin – yes? Depending on your hosting, you can point the root of your webserver to this subfolder and you should be fine. Or move all the Grav files to the root folder.

Image handling is a little tricky with Grav, depending on your needs. I don’t think there’s a plugin for the functionality you are describing; it certainly isn’t part of core Grav.

As for the Git, I haven’t tried the plugin myself, but you can sync whichever way you personally prefer I think. Grav lends itself very well to Git versioning in my opinion.