File field in guest book

Hello Grav friends! My first post! And I would like to start of by saying in all of my 10+ years in web-developing I see Grav CMS to have the biggest future impact on WWW! I am saying this only after reading all the Grav documentation and testing several skeletons and developing new themes for own projects.

So my question is:
Working with the guestbook plugin I adapted it to become a costumer review plugin and everything works great!
One thing I can not figure out is how output the file location in the messages.yaml file in I have tried since that is the closest to the other outputs that I have seen.

That’s a cool quote!
BTW please use the markdown options when posting code snippets. See the question mark in the upper right corner of the text entry area when writing a question or reply.
I think you meant to write <img src="file_location"> and <img src="{{ message.field_name.path }}"> ?

Hmm… Not sure what you mean by “cool quote” :slight_smile: Write from my hearth every time:)
Yea you are right! Thought it would be automatic. Learning something new every day! Thanks @bleutzinn!

When a web developer with over ten years of experience says he expects Grav to have the biggest future impact on the web, I think that’s cool. A very warm thing to say too ! :slight_smile: