Exhibeo Integration

I am using a nice little software (http://www.softpress.com/exhibeo/) which helps me generation a gallery which I plan to use as menu too. The software gives me filled folders (css - image - js - theme) and a head/body code. Can I integrate this in grav? Guess is in the user folder - but how? Thanks for your help!

I think you need to integrate it with a custom theme. You can start for example by picking one of the Grav themes, add the files under its directory and integrate your code in the existing theme code, gradually removing the things you don’t need. You’ll end up with your own theme at the end.

Thanks for the info! I found that the photographer theme has a nice gallery plugin - can I use this with other themes or is it them specific? I couldn’t find it in the plugin section…

That is specific to the Photographer theme, it adds support for a gallery.md page type. But you can of course copy the [theme]/templates/gallery.html.twigfile and the css/js files it includes and move it to your own theme to use. Or you can pick the theme as a base and edit its CSS/HTML files to match the design you want.