Replicating this gallery

Hi all. I’ve been struggling with creating a gallery myself, and frankly, i’m not going to be able to make a professional looking one.

Is there a way of replicating this gallery?


This can be done with the Photographer-theme, and something similar is done in the CardStack-theme.

Thanks, that’s what i was looking for!

Quick question. How do i implement it into my site? What should i be putting in the gallery pages folder?

Look at this pages/gallery-folder, which illustrates how the images are used in the theme.

Oh thanks! I couldn’t find the skeleton and assumed there wasn’t one. This helps a lot!

There is one, but for some reason it does not show up on Grav’s downloads/skeletons-page anymore.

Another question… Is there an easier way of copying the stylesheet for the gallery over to my site other than individually adding all the values into my template.css? I thought i’d done it but, alas, the gallery(which is now showing!) has no style or JS by the looks of it.


You should only have to extend the theme with a child theme and all properties of the Photographer-theme will be included. Then you can override templates, styles, and scripts as you please. More practically, in the child theme add a custom.css to the theme’s css-folder and add it to the base-template (mytheme/templates/partials/base.html.twig), like this:

{% do assets.addCss('theme://css/custom.css') %}

Which you want just under the line that says {% do assets.addCss('theme://css/camera.css') %}.