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Hello everyone from France, I’m launching an SOS to finalise the transfer to Grav of the www.mecafront. site which was designed with iWeb. A forum colleague helped me prepare the transfer to GRAV but I haven’t had any news for a few weeks. Overall, I still have to create the photo albums, and for that I understood that I could use unite Galerie (plugin-in installed). But then, despite chatGPT, I don’t understand how exactly that works, except for coding which I don’t have the skills for. The v2.mecafront.fr site is well advanced, there are certainly a lot of flaws and I’m ready to get involved. So I’m looking for some live help to show me the way. Looking forward to a good Samaritan :wink:

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@LeTeto, Please read this guideline about asking better questions and learn how you help the community by asking better informing questions.

It also encourages you to share what you have tried so far and at what point you get stuck.

hi @LeTeto ,
there are several options for creating photo Albums in Grav, one of them is unitegallery, which I’ve been using for several years and it worked well.
However, this is based on https://github.com/vvvmax/unitegallery/ which has not been updated in the last 7 years, so seems to be EOL.
for this (and also other) reasons, I have then switched to Photoswipe which is still maintained, plus, the Maintainer @Karmalakas , is a frequent visitor here in this forum, so, chances to get competent help, are quite good :smile: .
In both cases (unitegallery + photoswipe) all you have to do is install and enable the plugin and adapt the relevant template for the page where you want to have your gallery with a short piece of twig code, as described in the README.
the general recipe for twig templates is described in the Grav Docs, which should be read before trying to modify themes/templates.

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Thank a lot !
Photoswipe is installed now, the most easy part of the job
“adapt the relevant template for the page where you want to have your gallery with a short piece of twig code, as described in the README.”
I see the code but where I have to write it, I don’t understand. There is a somewere a video or other media to learn how to do it ? Because I really need it !!

hm, well, my advice was based on the assumption that you are using a standard Grav theme, but, as it seems, you are using helium, a Gantry based theme.
unfortunately, you did not mention this in your question, and that is why @anon76427325 pointed you to the guideline.
with this in mind, my advice will probably not be correct, as gantry themes do not use standard twig templates, as assumed, but so called particles (see gantry docs).
but, as I never worked with gantry, I cannot give further advice here, sorry.

" you are using helium, a Gantry based theme."

Now, I understand what you mean ! So, here is some informations :
Theme: Helium (v5.5.17 / g5_helium)
Gantry 5 Framework v5.5.17
TinyMCE Editor Integration v1.3.3
Twig Extensions v1.2.2

yes, I see :smile: - but as already stated, I have nearly no knowledge of Gantry, and thus don’t really know how and where to modify it to incorporate twig snippets that are required by photoswipe (or unite gallery).
you may have a look at https://docs.gantry.org/gantry5/advanced/customizing-theme-files on how to do it.
in any case: it should be possible, yes.

first of all, I thank you for your answers and for the efforts you make to explain to me everything that I have a lot of difficulty to understand. In fact, GRAV was imposed on me by a colleague who praised it over WordPress, for security reasons. So I find myself with software that I know very little about, that I have not installed and before switching to WordPress as a last resort, I still want to try to go all the way

This begs the question - why did you choose gantry?

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I didn’d chose : m’y collègue did it. I arrrived After that. Maybe he though it will be more simple for me…

well, if you really want the Gallery get going, I recommend first installing one of the Grav standard Themes, learn how to modify Page Templates and then get detailed Advice on how to make the Gallery work here.
Then, you can always switch back to Gantry and try to get it running there, too.

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Thanks ! I’m going to think about it. Best regards from France