Error grav running on aws lightsail

my grav installtion is not running on aws lightsail.
neither LAMP nor NGINX will do the job.
expanding zip or console github install will not work.
any hints for a newbie


my … is not running

What would be the first response by someone who provides IT Support? :wink:

any hints for a newbie

Provide proper information:

  • What does “not working” mean?
  • Are you getting any errors in the browser? When?
  • Did you check Apaches log files, Grav’s /logs/grav.log file?
  • Have you checked whether Apache is working properly?
    • Eg. is a simple index.php in the root of the site working?

The less well a question has been documented, the more guessing the reader has to do, the less chance the questions gets a response… Please help the community help you by providing proper information.

You might consider updating your post with proper information,

thanks for reply.
Got it working in the meantime.
GRAV installation procedure is quiet complicated when you install without knowing exactly what to look for.
I have found some sorts of help in the VPS Hosting area.
Section is mentioning php7.2 but upgrade to 7.4 was not a big deal.
Anyhow: GRAV is now running on AWS Ubuntu 20.04 as it should.
Typoon plugin is working well, still lots to learn but I hope the learning curve is easier than kirby. :wink:

@stefanjanssen, Would you mind sharing what went wrong and what you have done to make it work?

The forum is not only about asking questions but also for sharing solutions which might help others… Consider the forum being a knowledge base.