Steps install grav ubuntu 17

Hi, anybody know if is possible install grav on Linux Ubuntu 17 with Apache and Perl 7.0? i try this installation but several blog say install on ubuntu 16 and nginx; i use the gra+admin package. Grav work with apache? in my installation grav load sucessfull and i create a user but when i select the menu from left side , redirect to http://tools and i reboot the system and appearme only “Grav is Running” this is right? why? i can’t see a panel administrative? please help me.

Hi in the https :// say "Accessing the Admin

By default, you can access the admin by pointing your browser to http :// You can simply log in with the username and password set in the YAML file you configured earlier."

But in the folder GRAV not exist the folder admin, how i can access?

Grav works with Apache and many other web servers.

There is no “admin” folder in the Grav folder. Admin is located in user/plugins/admin, but will “respond” to the URL in the browser.

Make sure that folder exists. You might be missing the .htaccess file. Put that in the root Grav folder:

Hi flaviocopes thanks for you response, well when i uncompress the archive appearme variuos directories and .htaccess but not admin, i try ejecute bin/gpm install admin and fininsh but i don see the folder admin, why this? that execute wrong?

i can access to http : //localhost/admin and i see all folders and files i try to access with admin.php with http : //localhost/admin/admin.php but say message “This page does not work can not process this request at this time.
HTTP ERROR 500” and the log of apache say this: “PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Grav\Common\Plugin’ not found in /var/www/html/grav/admin/admin.php on line 22, referer:” why this?

Hi, i re-install with method git and all work find, in the panel web i see the option and side left appearme the options but when i click in example Tool, this redirect to http : //tools


appear me this message “This domain is not configured for this service. Please add it to your account.” why this?