AWS Lightsail/LEMP installation

Trying to get Grav running in a LEMP stack (Bitnami) on AWS Lightsail. It’s not clear to me where to put grav-admin folder.

Currently, I have it (per the Bitnami instructions):


At a lost if this is actually correct, and if correct how to proceed.

Was able to get phpinfo.php (to function) correctly (per the Bitnami instructions):



Tried this: /opt/bitnami/nginx/html$ grav/bin/grav install and received the following:
ERROR Missing .dependencies file in user/ folder
ERROR invalid YAML in .dependencies

Not sure how to proceed

The admin should be installed under the user/plugins folder as it as a Grav plugin like any other. The simplest way is to install it via GPM:

bin/gpm install admin

I have the admin already installed at /opt/bitnami/nginx/html/grav/user/plugins.

If you have the admin installed correctly you should get prompted to create an admin user when you hit the site. Are you getting that? If not then you might not have your rewrites setup correctly.

No admin prompt. I don’t believe I have Grav installed in the correct location. Permission set for 755 /opt/bitnami/nginx/htmland 775 from /grav/user/plugins