Edition of Image Metadata from Admin Plugin

i everyone,

I am fairly new to Grav but really like using it (and this forum is by way the best designed I have ever seen). I just have one thing I would like to do with Grav but wasn’t able to:

Is there a way (plugin or a workaround) that allows me to edit the metafiles of images via the admin plugin? Nice features would be:

Editing an existing metafile (includes editing of existing values and adding of new values)
Auto-creating a metafile when uploading an image
Or is there another way to do this? It is important to me, that this can be done via the admin plugin as I do not want to give FTP access to the content editors.

If this is not possible at the moment: Is there any way I could contribute to add such a functionality to Grav? I would imagine that this will be useful for others too.


Welcome to the Grav community!

Editing the meta file associated to an image is not possible at the moment with the current admin plugin.
That said, this is a planned feature, and Grav team have this on their roadmap for future grav versions.

This could also be a nice idea for a plugin, and you can of course contribute by releasing one with this feature, which could be maybe merged to native Grav.

Alternatively, you can still allow your editor to associate information to images by providing a blueprint with fields to add image title and alt description.

Hope it helps!

P.S: I renamed your topic