Newbie question - is there no media manager for the admin?

I’m currently evaluating CMS, and so far I like Grav the best in my list. However, it seems to me like it’s missing a media manager in the admin. I know I can upload an image when editing a page, but this image is apparently not accessible from any other page, or am I missing something? I don’t want to have to upload an image three times when I want to use it on three pages.

I tried the TecArt plugin, but that doesn’t work properly (it looks for the images in the root directory for some reason), the images I uploaded there are again not accessible while editing a page, either.

Am I missing something?

A few years ago I posted my thoughts on Media Library, but never got to it. I see it as a plugin, but it requires quite a bit of work, and I just have other stuff to do outside of my day job hours :slightly_smiling_face:

You can reference images from other pages with relative links in markdown
But for media files you want to use in several pages I put them in user/images and use the ‘image’ stream only putting page specific images with the page.

[my image](image://my-image.jpg)`` 

See Where to put files for more details
You can create youtr own stream but the image stream is inbuilt.

Hi Jerry, thanks for the reply! Can I upload images to user/images via the admin? And can content managers see these images when editing a page, so they can add them to the page content?

Hi mah

Unfortunately not on both counts.
You need to manually upload images to the folder and they will not be visible via the admin which only shows pictures within the page
In admin editor just click add image and type in stream name “image://picturename.jpg”
It one of the disadvantages of having a flexible soultion.
The good news is though, you can use paths within the streams folder to manage images e.g “image://path/picturename.jpg”

A possible solution would be to modify your default blueprint and add a filepicker type field, which allows you to configure a source folder from which you can select the images previously uploaded to that folder.

This part is the one that I don’t really know how it could be done, perhaps with a plugin that allows you to upload images to a specific folder or directly through ftp or your hosting panel.

yes,you are right,we are waiting the good plugin for this