Admin Panel - Can users create or edit image.meta.yaml files?


i’m creating an artist’s website, with lots of images, and every image has an image.meta.yaml file. They’ll be uploading new images via the admin panel, as they create new work, but I just realized that I don’t think there’s a way for them to create or edit image.meta.yaml files via the admin panel. Does anyone have a suggestion?


You can manually add fields to your page blueprints, I’ve done this to add in alt and title tags. Its a bit of extra hassle but it works. I’m not 100% sure (cause I don’t use them) but I think you can set all the image manipulation functions (cropping etc) via markdown so at least they’re editable by users.
Hopefully there will be a plugin to address this soon.


Hi, I think that would work if there were one or two images per page, to just create form fields corresponding to each image’s metadata. In my case, each page has 10 - 15 images, so I think each one should have its own yaml file, rather than incorporating all of that data into the page’s frontmatter.

It does seem like there would need to be some sort of plugin to enable users to edit those meta.yaml files via the admin plugin. I found another thread that says that they’re currently working on it.


We have plans to add support for metadata editing, but just not gotten around to it yet

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Hi @rhuk,
I was wondering if this feature was still in the pipeline. I could not find anything confirming.
Thank you in advance.