Edit image metafile via admin plugin?

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to Grav but really like using it (and this forum is by way the best designed I have ever seen). I just have one thing I would like to do with Grav but wasn’t able to:

Is there a way (plugin or a workaround) that allows me to edit the metafiles of images via the admin plugin? Nice features would be:

  • Editing an existing metafile (includes editing of existing values and adding of new values)
  • Auto-creating a metafile when uploading an image

Or is there another way to do this? It is important to me, that this can be done via the admin plugin as I do not want to give FTP access to the content editors.

If this is not possible at the moment: Is there any way I could contribute to add such a functionality to Grav? I would imagine that this will be useful for others too.


Very good suggestion, I would love to do that too.

Something we are working on!


I was just wishing for this same feature. So great to hear that you’re working on it.

Are there any news about this topic? I would need that feature right now as well. Thanks a lot!

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