Admin Customization for a Gallery page

Hi community,

Im really in love with Grav im just starting with it, but I have too much questions Documentation and forums can’t answer yet, What i want to do is a Gallery there is an issue with the images no matter which I add always said ERROR.
And it is because the .meta.yaml file is not added.
Ok, first question:
How I can fix this.
After that I manage to add every .meta.yaml and dinamically insert every image in a ‘For’ on my html.twig file, also with featherlight add the ligthbox and navigations throught all images.
Now, all my images do not appear on the admin page, editting the gallery page
second question: why?
but the big issue I want to accomplish is.
I want to upload multiple images at the same time, every image generate the meta.yaml like I add the image 1.jpg and auto generate the other image like, (+".meta.jpg") ==> original.jpg.meta.yaml and the same for the thumbnail (+".thumb.jpg") ==> original.jpg.thumb.jpg
after that, be able to change the image name and all these files change to <original…> --> <new…>
I really want a way to edit the meta.yaml But i read here on the forum is going to be on PRO version,
I want to do it programatically
I don’t know like a plugin that manage all this logic, the problem is the tutorials are too basic and I don’t know where to get like a really complex skeleton of a gallery to study it and make my own
I have days swimming into the forum looking for answers

26 PM

maybe using this part I have TinyMCE install I see into the code and this seccion is called mce-reset I don’t know if it is related to the plugin, but maybe this part is editable or I can add other button to access a form that edit the information I need.

don’t tell me to read documentations or use the photographer skeleton or the gallery example those are basic and don’t even help for more than make a basic Gallery.

Thanks for read and thanks for the answers

I hope someone can help me im really frustrated.

Maybe adding a “create” button at the left of that close and then an admin form appears to fill the required info for the intro-image.jpg.meta.jpg

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