Does Grav can be used as a simple elearning platform, is there any plugin?, thanks

Hello, Many years ago I used Moodle to provide some simple courses on various subjects. I am looking for an easy elearning platform. Does Grav allows me to have this functionality? Is there any Plugin? I have not seen any in the plugins section, I only saw grav-xapi and it is not what I am looking for.
Thanks in advance for you advice.
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Hi @joejac, I’ve been working on using Grav as a partner with LMSs such as Canvas and Moodle to get the best of each platform🙂 You can learn more about my Open Course Hub project at and see a current course of mine using Canvas + Grav at

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Thanks a lot for your reply Mr. Paul @paulhibbitts , I would like to have a very simple solution for theoretical courses on a few subjects. Moodle is a very solid platform but it has its learning curve, that is what I would like to avoid, given the fact that the dynamics of the courses is going to be very simple. I do not know about Canvas. I will prefer not to mix, but If there is not an assessment plugin then, I guess, an external LMS would be necessary. Have you tried Camilo LMS with your nice Open Course Hub project?
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Hi @joejac

You can do lot of things that will make your grav app like an LMS

Identifying your users
The Login/LDAP plugin(s)

For storytelling and graphics
The mermaid and Presentation plugin

Social learning
Comments, rating and tribune plugin

The form plugin (easy to make AJAX calls)

Then also you can start tracking learning data with the
Xapi plugin

For scheduling there is nothing that I think/know of, but it should be feasible to interface with a third party resources management to modify the access control at will.


Thanks a lot @gamahachaa is good to know that all those plugins can help.
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Can be used is one question. A better question is on which platform can I achieve what I want with minimal effort?
Moodle has a lot ready to use out of the box which may require plugins and coding if you are going to a more generic solution.
I was looking to use Grav as a manual to show prospective Moodle users how to set up Moodle on a barebones Linux. But I can’t even install Grav and the more I think about it, Moodle is a better platform for me.