Use Grav for interactive site (data entry involved)?

Hi guys,

New here, so please forgive breaches of etiquette and already answered questions, OK?

I’ve just discovered Grav while browsing the Web looking for a solution to my immediate “problem”, which is designing a small website for school parents and school staff where all parties could discuss, propose and edit menus for the little ones.

I’d like something clean-looking, with a sober interface, but most of all, I need to allow for suggestions and menu-editing, along with the occasional food allergy warnings and culinary proposals.

What I’ve learned from the Grav website led me to think that Markdown would be easier to master than HTML, and I’d like to give it a try, but first, I need to know if such a website (where the visitors can edit or submit content dynamically) is possible at all.

If it’s not, I’ll have to look somewhere else, but I really like the look and feel of this Grab-and-YAML thingy…

(Sorry for the long story: once a teacher…)

Currently there is no interface for submitting or editing content. We are working on an admin interface but even that is intended for administration not really collaboration.

That said, Grav is very flexible and designed to be extended. If you have programming expertise, you could build what you needed on top of Grav, but it’s something that would be very custom for your needs.

BTW, another one of our users is working on building easy to use educational sites to enable teachers to provide resources for classes and students. You might want to chat with Paul H. on our gitter chat room?

Hey Rhukster are any collaborative elements being developed or at least explored for the Admin Pro plugin?