Develop H5P Plugin

I don’t know if you are aware of another fantastic Open Source project called H5P. (check ) It provides many interactive content types that may be inserted onto a webpage. They have developed plugins for WordPress and Drupal and are busy with a Moodle implementation.
Now won’t it be wonderful if someone could port one of those plugins to Grav! Unfortunately I’m no developer. I’m a teacher.
Apparently as much as possible of the code is javascript, and the PHP part of the code has been divided into platform agnostic PHP libraries and platform specific interfaces. There are two libraries: H5P PHP and H5PFrameworkInterface. The H5PFrameworkInterface library has an interface called H5peditorStorage that platform integrations must implement.
Currently there is no documentation for the H5P PHP Library and H5PFrameworkInterce API’s but others who wanted to do custom implementations have looked at the WordPress and Drupal implementations.
If anyone is up to thi s challenge we will all benefit by the additional interactive content types that H5P provides.
Please look at and

Hi @mariuspretorius,

I am using Grav in the education space too (see my Grav Course Hub skeleton) and am interested in H5P as well.

No PHP skills here either, but I did get in touch with the H5P team re: guessing about the effort required for a Grav Plugin, and basically they estimated that a developer with Grav knowledge but not H5P knowledge might be able to tackle a plugin in between 200-300 hours. Again, this is only the roughest of estimates!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for posting this message about H5P and perhaps we might find some developers who are interested in this tool as well.

I’d also love to hear if you are using Grav in the education space, and if so what you are doing with it! I am blogging about my use of Grav at as well.


Although 200-300 hours are quite a lot, it seems a good estimate to implement all of the feature richness. As far as I can see, most of the “components” are handled via JS and the best approach imho is to use Shortcodes.

@paulhibbitts thank you, for your support of the post. I read your blog and I can concur with most of what you are saying although you are much more web savvy than me.

I did a bit of development with joomla (with a RocketTheme template) some years back and came back to the CMS space to see what is new. WordPress seemed like it had developed a lot from back then and I thought it may be the way to go - especially since there is an H5P plugin for it. But it still seemed to take too much time and effort to get a simple, useful site up and running and to maintain it. I had also recently come across Grav and had played around with it. It seemed really straightforward in comparison.

I then had to make my choice between WordPress and Grav for a learner support website. I decided to go with Grav and have just started my journey with it. I am creating the H5P content in a dormant WordPress site and then embed the content in the Grav site. See

I must say that I’m enjoying the experience and the Admin Plugin is just amazing.