☆ do a browser load the whole site, or just the page?

Thank you in advance to persons that will pay attention to this question ♪ I think its a little bit technique.

I would like to know, in order to modify the structure of my grav site:

When loading a page,
☆ do a browser load the whole site, or just the page?

[I mean: I was surprised to discover, with the developper audit tool of my Chromium like browser ‘Iron SRWare’, that performance of `blog pages`… was affected by the existence of the `snipcart pages` ☆ _(eq: heavy use of javascripts, css…)_ !!! ]

Am I dreaming? Is the browser developper tool strange? How is it possible?

If not :

it means that
when pages are very differents, in terms of theme, and plugins, difference is becoming overwall WEIGHT

One of the advantage of the Grav structure seemed to me that it concentrate on single pages, load taking place pages after pages and therefore making possible to be much more efficient: am I wrong? Any suggestions to properly take that into account for deciding of the proprer structure ?

What would be a structure that could combine, different s pages AND single page load efficiency?

THanks in advance for light ♪

The initial load of a Grav site will kick off caching of all the page headers. This is because Grav has to know the content of all your page headers in order to know how the menu is to be displayed, what’s published, etc. The content of each page is loaded and cached as requested (lazy load).

Snipcart plugin merges the page header of each page because it can either be enabled site-wide or per-page. If you want it enabled per-page, snipcart has to know if it should be shown or not, hence the processing on pages that you don’t want snipcart to be shown on.

However, this work is done in the most efficient manner possible, and doesn’t take up much time at all.

The general rule of thumb is, that the more plugins you use, the potential for things to slow down. These plugins generally need to know if they should run or not, so they need to do ‘some’ work.

☆ Thank you for answering …
It’s a lot clear now.

It’s been now a week that I am digging grav: I am really impressed ♪
Grav really suit my desire to get close to the code.
Yesterday, I finally understood how to use a twig block, thank to Sommerregen!

Practicing the bootstrap theme redaction exercise of the documentation, I got that feeling that your opinion was that bootstrap was popular and that therefore it had to be there, but that Antimatter was sufficient and that a particular effort has been made and concentrating on efficiency with it.
Am I wrong?
I have started something on Antimatter, like this…

The day before yesterday, I finally understood what is a ‘skeleton’.
[yes I know, it may look ridiculous, but I could not understood that what they were before until Flavioscopes’s answer helped me]
[I made a proposition to change redaction about skeletons in `documentation` thrue Github, have you seen it?].
So yesterday and today, I have compared skeletons with one another … should I continue with Antimatter or change? … that my question now!

It’s very di verse

Sommerregen brought my attention to land.io theme for it’s menu
[though we get cut in the conversation so I don’t really understand what is special with it].
It’s beautiful but I don’t know if I wil be able to hold such a beauty along… to have something that might look personnal.

I looked also at mediator grayscale ceevee for full-width image effect on first screen or on posts [mediator], resume for its original structure and the use of svg, soraarticle-blog for its balance [there is a photo of the courtyard of the ÉCOLE DES BEAUX-ARTS of Paris in the Carrousel!!!] and hpstr-sitefor its structure based on schema.org and also to the precision on how to connect everything to social network [which is also something I will have to do] [I would like to know what `hpstr`means?].

My site is multilingual (fr, ja, en) [I checked the multilingual site also]
Being a beginner, I would like to have everything on my site and that’s a problem.
A little bit like an appartment, with:

  • a show window on the street being able to present myself,
  • a living-room like blog for expressing social, personal, philosophical things and find an audience [people interested by same subject] thrue comments and may be forum,
  • a classroom / office like a reference documentation part that I would be able to point out to clients for instance,
  • a little shop not to make money but to be available for those who would like it [but that’s for the moment a desire more than a reality] …

Considering your exceptional experience and your central role in the development of grav, do you have any particular recommandations? [even with solutions that I have not considered yet…]

Thanks in advance for your help ♪

Grav really has no limitations when it comes to CSS frameworks (bootstrap, foundation, etc), in fact Antimatter uses a very slim custom base CSS (not even a full framework). Really we leave this preference to you and your needs.

I really think that you should check out all the skeletons and demos and pick the one that fits your personal preferences the best. Antimatter is the default theme for Grav so probably is the best supported and well rounded theme though.

Thanks for your answer ♪

Humm … difficult to give a clear advice … In your position, I can understand that…
However, your answer is leaving me where I am …

I tried to described my needs in the previous post… so that you could make an idea of the situation… no one can decide for me… understood … But there are technical issues that I might need consider for that … no ?