Multiple Grav Installations or one "Frankeninstallation"?


I am completely new to designing websites and I am unsure how to structure my site. Here is my problem:

I basically want a “multi-purpose site” with a landing page, a small Blog, a resume/CV page and maybe some kind of Wiki (similar to the learn2 theme). From what I gathered so far there are some excellent themes but none that fullfill all my use cases.

My question would be: Would it be better/easier to just program a theme myself with all the functionalities I need or would it be better to just use multiple grav installations and tie them together on a landing page and just tweak the different themes to my needs (e.g. color scheme?).

What are your experiences? Maybe there is another way to realise this that I just don’t know of?

Your help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Structure your content as you’d like, and apply different themes as needed using the Themer-plugin. Where needed, use theme inheritance to customize themes…

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