PHP Memory and Grav File Structure

I’m porting a site from Wordpress with over 2000 entries to Grav… (UGH) and my little Synology server is dying from the weight of all the entries.
I’m VERY new to Grav and I’m wondering if my file structure is inefficient and making Grav load more than it needs to…
So my question is really… Does the structure of my /user/pages folders impact HOW Grav loads data?
From Wordpress typically blog entry media is typically grouped by year then by month…
IS there a way to do this in Grav and if so would it have the desired impact of reducing how much memory is being used at any one time by PHP…?
Again, I’m new to Grav and I’ve gotten a lot of things working fairly easily but this big picture question I want to get right prior to any further blog entry porting.

In essence, no. Once cached, all data presents and loads according to the very basics all websites follow. The memory-load will accumulate, and processing spike, when caching. Grav has endured caching 50.000 Pages in several tests, even scaled up to a couple of million at one time. But that is very much a question of scaling caching, which is what requires performance. Once cached, loading any single Page should be as fast as the server can process it.