Loading time too high because of plugins?

hey guys! So im new in programming and grav, but i pretty like this cms. it seems to be simple, flexible and fast… it seemed… i’ve created once a wordpress site with the “Xtheme” a pretty heavy, javascript- full theme. but on a pingdom test its loading about 2,5 Seconds. Now i’ve created a Grav site an dwas exited about the speed but my 200kB Grav site needs 6 SECONDS!!! on pingdom to load (from stockholm). I would really like to learn grav, twig and all that nice webdeveloping stuff but also need to earn money with my sites. and with that low pagespeed there is no chance to rank…

my question s: is it possible that my webserver “doesn’t like” grav? or are there too many plugin on my site? just some basic thinks like feed, sitemap, admin, login etc.

If you enable the debugger in system.yaml it will show you an overview of what takes how long to load. Just a few plugins should not cause any issue, especially if you have caching enabled. You’ll also gain some speed from optimisation on the server-side, by using PHP 7 and enabling what caching-technologies are available there.

Do you have the «advanced page cache» plugin enabled? This plugin caused some similar load times on some installation

You can get a good idea of what is causing the problem in your browser developer tools network panel.
Maybe it’s some external resource taking too much time, or maybe your server is too slow to serve the PHP request, but it’s 2 very different things. Not sure what Pingdom takes into account in determining the site load time, what it waits for.
If you tell us the URL we can look too.Like

@paulmassendari: thanks for the tip! its loading now a bit faster but still not the best performance…
i hope i can trust u guys: this is my WP site -> http://www.mein-vogelhaus.com on the same server like my GRAV site -> http://www.weihrauch24.com

my grav site is now way slower than my wp site… but why? both have php 7.1 but my grav site is smaller (around 300kB) (tested on tools.pingdom.com from the stockholm server)

Does your hosting provider have SSD drives? That can make a big difference for Grav. You should turn on the debugger to see how long Grav is actually taking to process the page. If the processing is fast, but page load is slow, then it’s either networking, or something else (css/js/etc).

yes im hosting on ssd

thank you! i guess grav tooks too long… but what can i do? a new, fresh installation?? Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-04-04 21-42-35

If you want, you can “message” me (bottom right on this site) a zip of your site, and i can inspect it on my local. Your screenshot does seem to indicate something is very slow.

great, thanks. i’ll send you tomorrow the copy of the fie from my server!

On my end I see that overall both sites are loading at 100% (including JS, CSS and images) in ~3s.

But it looks like Grav is taking longer to send the request document. So something can definitely be improved on the server side, be it caching or some plugin taking longer than expected.

I can’t access the file you PM’ed me about because it’s a local file link. You need to provide a URL i can reach.