Deliever Theme - fails to load once is saved

Fresh install of Deliver. All pages load fine.
Then I open my file manager and open up user/pages/01.home/ with my editor.
If I cancel at this point, the home page still loads fine when refreshed.
If I save at this point (without having touched the code or even having moved my cursor), the home page doesn’t load properly when refreshed. I see the Yaml front matter actually appearing on the screen.
The same happens if I do the same on any of the pages: portfolio, services, etc.
I am running PHP 5.4 on the shared host I’m using.
MAny thanks, Luke

Actually it looks like a problem with your editor. I suggest you to download good markdown editor. Your causes bad formatting to .md files and that result broken page. What editor are you using ?

Hi Karol
Thank you for your kind reply. I am not sure what editor my shared host provided, but I have just downloaded Brackets from Adobe onto my mac.
Problem solved!
You’re a star.
Thanks again, Luke

Brackets is a perfect choice ! :slight_smile: Really powerful editor with great markdown support. I’m using it myself sometimes :slight_smile: I recommend using “Reindent” feature. Great timesaver :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support and tips :slight_smile: