Images diasspear localhost versus real server

Hi all,

I have this weird problem. I’ve created an html carousel with some custom css. The html is written directly in a markdown file and injected in another file.

Obviously the carousel has some images.

Well, all is working fine in localhost (using php -S localhost:8080 system/router.php) but when I copy the folder to a real server, the carousel is showing nice except for the images (firefox debugger says that is not able to display the images).

The folder structure is the following:

├── 01.mypage
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
└── testimonials
    └── img
        ├── 1.jpeg
        ├── 2.jpg
        ├── 3.jpg
        └── 4.jpg

and the src path of the images called in the html carousels is something like: src="/user/pages/01.mypage/testimonials/img/1.jpg.

As said I’ve no problem in localhost, only on server (with apache). I thought it could be a permission problem on files but also with chmod 777 the link is always broken.

Somebody experienced the same problem? Can it be an internal redirecting issue (grav router versus “real” server)?

Cheers and thanks for any suggestion


OK sorry for the noise, it seems I’ve fixed the problem, not sure if it is the proper way.

I’ve changed completely the image folder by creating an img folder in user/pages and then linking like img/1.jpg works in both markdown and html injection.

Sorry for the noise guys, still learning grav :slight_smile: