Deliver theme - forms and more

Hi everybody,

I have some trouble with Deliver theme (nothing so big).

  1. The form in modular pages doesn’t work, but works fine for the single pages.
  2. the multiple
    for colored quotes works fine within single pages and module, but in other modules show the full deep borders stack.

I solved (but not tried yet) using simple form and custom css embedded in markdown text, but would be nice to have them working.


Hey Claudio,
I’m author of Deliver theme. In case you missed, , at the bottom there’s info about Forms and modular pages.
Regarding blockquote can you show me an example ? Maybe markdown is corrupted somehow ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Karol,
Deliver is a wonder, thanks!
I read the learn page, and followed the instructions, but maybe i made some mistakes, it doesn’t wor.
I have a zip file showing everything at:
within it you can find my modular page with form, the modified theme and the look of the page.
The site is work in progress :wink:

P.S. I need upload files too, that not is implemented yet, so maybe I must start with a mailto link, but when that feature will be ready I hope to use forms.

Hey, can you send me whole page (you may omit plugins like admin or other with hamful data). I can bet that key is in config files so would like to look at whole page. Thanks :slight_smile:

Karol, here are my full user folder without antimatter theme and admin plugin
hope this help

Ok, I have everything set up. Now tell me where do you want your form to appear ? On Home page or anywhere else ?

In the page 2 now i have a template with a cusom plugin and a with a simple_form.
I would like to have a instead of so I don’t need an external service to send mails.
Consider that I need to upload files from the form, but I know that your company is working on it, so I will wait and when everything is ok

Ok. Download this: . Take a look at schede page, and form.html.twig

Great! it works.

Works like a charm. I have spend a lot of time wondering why it is not working properly. Mostly because of my lack of understanding the thing. Registered just to thank you very much Karol.