Customize Twenty Fifteen Theme

Hi all,

right now I am trying to move to grav for my new blog. The Twenty Fifteen Theme looks best for me, but I want some customization.

  1. How can I move the sidebar to the right side? I tried some things in the CSS files, but could not manage it to get it to the right side.
  2. Is it possible to get a list of categories into the sidebar? Right now I see “Popular Tags”. Can I get “Categories”?
  3. The plugin “Archive Plus” does not work for me. If enabled I get only a blank space.

BTW: I habe already setup a child theme for this

Thanks in advance


hey bro, im having a very hard time installing this. is there something else to be done installing in a subfolder?

Hi Mandraki,

I simple installed it via the admin panel

how did you do that brother?

I dont know what you mean.

I installed the latest Grav Version with the admin plugin. In the Backend > Themes > Add > TwentyFifteen