How to add an Archive sidebar in blog list layout

Hi Guys,

I’m very new to Grav and have just being playing around since a week. Probably like most of you, I came to Grav as I was bored of using WordPress and a flat CMS sounded pretty cool to me.

Now I have got a basic blog list working with pagination. I would like to add a sidebar to my blog list and also all of the blog posts.

I have installed the plugins Archives, Related pages and search. Now I need to add all three plugins to the sidebar. Can you please help me out.


You’ll need to view the plugins to make sure you have the right file names, but here is an example of adding a plugin to a page.

 {% include 'partials/taxonomylist.html.twig' with {'base_url':new_base_url, 'taxonomy':'category'} %}

You’ll just need to replace partials/taxonomylist.html.twig with the whichever plugin you are using and replace the with { ... } with parameters the plugin needs.

Hi bbricker,

Thanks very much but I’m very sorry, I can’t exactly understand. So I’m using rt_flux theme with Gantry 5. Could you please tell in this context, where exactly am I putting your code snippet?

Inside the theme this is the dir:


I haven’t worked with that theme or with Gantry 5, so I’m not sure.

Normally, Grav themes have a templates directory with .html.twig files in them. That is where I would suggest adding it. If you don’t have any .html.twig files though, I don’t know where else to add it. Sorry!

Aha. I figured it out. Um so when we install the plugin, we are supposed to copy the plugin html.twig and yaml files to the gantry particles folder. Then you can just open gantry and drag that particle(Archive plugin) into the layout, and customize it using gantry itself. Works out pretty amazingly, the admin-gui is all you need to use. Fantastic

This CMS needs more developer attention. Thanks very much for helping

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