Sidebar in Grav

Coming from a WordPress background where everything is intuitive, dealing with things you normally wouldn’t think twice about is a huge chore in Grave.

I guess it is because we haven’t yet really understand it.

We are using AntiMatter with the Sidebar plugin.
On the blog home, the side position is OK.

But when you want the read the post, you get this:

The sidebar goes down and the post takes up all the page.

Isn’t a way to keep the blog post on the left side and the sidebar where it should be?

And how do we remove that “Some Text Widget. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna.”?

Moreover, we have installed the Taxonomy plugin, added Categories when adding the blog page or post, but it doesn’t show up.
The same is applicable to Word Count, Reading Time.

Wouldn’t it have been better Grav using the same Page/Post relationship that is sane and easier to grasp?

OMG! The more you use Grav, the more you fall in love with this little nifty tool.
It simplifies everything once you understand how this kitten purrs.

Does the solution in this post help you?

I was looking for a reason why grav-comment is not working even after going through the whole step of installing the plugin, editing templates/item.html.twig, copying user/plugins/comments/comments.yaml to user/config/plugins/comments.yaml file, and came across where the developer mentioned setting blog children as “Item” not “Blog”.

Once that was done, the sidebar fixed itself and now look sane.

I haven’t been able to figure out the comment thing but I figure it has to do with this:


  • ‘/blog’

Ours was installed in subdomain and I’m not exactly sure what will go in there.

I can’t wait to introduce Grav to as many people as I know.