Custom Blog Site Skeleton / Theme

This category needs some action so here you go, one of the sites I’ve built with Grav:
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This is my personal blog built off of the Blog Site skeleton available on the Grav downloads page. Regardless of content I feel it serves a good example of how you can customize an existing skeleton and theme and make it your own.

I like to keep things simple and have removed a majority of the features from the Blog Site skeleton. Some will cry foul (“no search function?!”), but I prefer single-column layouts without a cluttered sidebar. Every site is different and will have specific layout requirements. For this one I focus on the content.

Main features

  • Full-width layout (extra-wide)
  • ‘Mini-blog’ pages based on ‘category’ taxonomy filter
  • Two modular pages
  • Tag cloud (though it has some issues currently)
  • Font Awesome icons peppered throughout


  • Custom clone of the default Antimatter theme
  • Changes were not documented but may be obvious during a side-by-side comparison with the base Blog Site skeleton
  • Many Twig templates have been modified to achieve the full-width layout
  • CSS has been added/modified mostly for color-scheme and HTML table formatting
  • Markdown extra is enabled and I try to stick to Markdown wherever possible, however most of the posts feature a functional mix of Markdown and HTML

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this theme - there are still a few things left to fix - but I’m happy to answer any questions regarding how I achieved certain things.


Thanks for contributing!

I can’t edit my initial post but I’ve updated this site!

Main features

  • ¾ & ¼ post content/sidebar layout
  • Post content:
    • ‘category’ and ‘tag’ taxonomies list
    • Reading Time
    • Thumb Ratings
  • Sidebar:
    • Related Pages
    • Taxonomy List ‘category’ filter
    • Random post button
    • SimpleSearch
    • Archives list
    • Feed buttons
  • Two modular pages
  • Tag Cloud

Uses unique theme with custom templates and CSS, otherwise inherits Antimatter.

The theme that caused me to start using the grav. you’ve done a great job, do you have a chance to share this theme? I will of course make changes, but I need the example that I am new to these jobs.