Creation of submenu


We have recently started exploring the features of Grav to build a website. We require the availability of buttons to use as submenu, which we created via a modular showcase subpage. Each of these buttons is presently linked to a separate subpage by manually specifying a URL for each button.

Is there any way by which a submenu that automatically remains available in every subpage may be created, without having to include new buttons, together with their URLs, manually in each subpage? Also, is there any way by which this submenu is pinned in place such that this does not scroll up with the text, unlike the modular showcase subpage currently in use?

Thanks in advance.

These are more HTML/CSS questions. You can add whatever sidebars and menus you want in your templates. Generating the menu is straightforward (check out the various themes for the various ways to do this; the exact answer depends on how you’re structuring your content). And pinning elements is accomplished with CSS.