Visible submenu on navbar

hi guys,
i want create the main manu and dropmenu like this:
main 1 main 2 main 3
the page-1, page-2, page-3 is sub page in sub-main-2. So i want the-page group hide from sub-main-2 and when enter the sub-main-2 i can enter the group page

What did you try so far? Do you have any code to share?

i try create it from admin page using add page

Your theme and navigation template are responsible for how menu is displayed. Adding pages doesn’t change menu logic per se

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@bjproqn96, I’m afraid I cannot draw a mental picture of your menu structure and how it should behave. Would you mind drawing a picture of what you would like to see?

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i think your idea is good but i’m new guy in grav and the source from other people, and their code show the menu like what i want and i cant :((

what i want is show the menu like this

but my reuslt is this and i want remove the red zone

@bjproqn96, I just went to the Mowede website. It is build with Grav using theme Bootstrap and the menu looks like how you wan it. Uhhh…

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but i want modify it like the image i posted. But it doesnt work @@


but i want modify it like the image i posted.

  • What is wrong with the image you have posted in reply #10 ?
  • What are we looking at?
    • Are these the titles of pages below page ‘Case Studies’?
    • Do you wish to change the menu titles of these pages?

We are at post #13 now and I’m afraid I still have no idea what the question/problem/request is…

I personally don’t really understand the difference between I want and I get.

Is it that only submenu should not appear? If so, then why make a screenshot of different page to make it more confusing? :confused:

sr guys because my english not good and i have solved my problem. Tks a lot for support me !

this is what i want and have solved it :smiley:

Explaining how you manage to do so would be appreciated : this is a help forum, the purpose is to share experience to everyone, not a ‘help-me’ service …

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my solution is use visible: true in case stuides page above and visible: false on the modular page

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