How to create submenu in Grav?

I need to create a submenu at my website with Grav.

this should be easy - just be sure to set the correct parent page for your submenu page(s) in the admin - advanced.
Your theme should then automatically create the correct Menu structure (including submenu).

I have tried in fact, but I haven’t created yet. I have installed photographer.

ok, a short look shows this theme does in fact support submenu(s) :smiley:
so I guess it sould just work if you create your pages / subpages correctly as described before…

I have created the submenu in fact, but I can’t show it below the main link(It isn’t doing dropdown).

maybe there is an option dropdown.enable or similar for that theme which you need to set to true ?
take a look at the theme blueprint (should be photographer.yaml)

oK, thanks , I am showing again and to try to create.

I have an example menu with submenu on Photographer theme,but my problem is that I need to order it at the number 2 menu item. I am showing it only on the end :confused: Can you help me how to order it?

Your page folders should be numbered 01.first 02.second 03.third etc… child pages numbered like this should automatically show up in drop down menu in numbered order.
This should determine which place in the menu they are. Could post link or screenshot of your issue?

Ok thanks I did it, but I have another problem, I need to add a search icon and to open a search input field in the end of the main menu. Thanks.