Experience with woo and hpstr-theme

Hello everybody,
I would like to ask 3 questions please.

  1. In the woo-theme I can’t create submenus but I read that’s supported. In other themes works fine. Have someone an idea?
  2. In the demo picture of woo-theme you can see a colored Menubar-button, but how can create this? Have someone a idea? Woo
  3. In the hpstr-theme you have the menu-button. Hpstr With all Browsers of pc and mac you scroll down of a side and you can always seen the menu-button. But with smartphone the button ist always on top of the page and you can’t see him when you scroll down of a side. You can test it with the demo of hpstr-theme. https://demo.getgrav.org/hpstr-skeleton/
    Have someone an idea?

Please help and thank you for your answers. :slight_smile:

I think you will have much better luck if you install the woo and hpstr skeletons rather than just the themes.

As outlined in several places Grav blog, Grav Docs, etc. Grav themes are not just something you toggle between. A theme in Grav is tied very closely to the content and configuration. This allows Grav to be much more flexible than traditional CMS platforms. It means you can create very specific designs that provide all the functionality a particular design needs, but not necessarily everything every other theme provides.

A skeleton is an all-in-one package that provides a theme, content, configuration + grav itself. Just unzip it and you have the demo site.

+1 on the woo submenu. what is the closest theme with submenu support in case woo is a no go?