Create new theme from Typhoon

Hi, I don’t seem to be able to create a new theme copying Typhoon and using the DevTools plugin. I am trying on localhost using MAMP on Windows 10. Is there a way to do this without using the Windows CLI?

How exactly do you try to copy? Or do you want to extend the theme? I didn’t have any issues using php bin/plugin devtools (note the php part in front - it didn’t work without it, but you have to have it in you paths or call via full path)

Thanks for your answer. I tried using exactly the command you are mentioning. But I always got an error message: ‘mbstring’ extension is not loaded. I tried several times to add this extension to the php.ini that is loaded through MAMP, but no result. so now I am seeking a way to not use the CLI but create a new theme copy of Typhoon manually… I made copy themes of Quark many times manually, but Typhoon is apparently something else…

I also tried running Grav on Xampp and through MS Web Platform, but had no luck - always one issue or the other. But then, as I already mentioned in several topics, I checked the Requirements section for Windows and first option there is Laragon. Worked like a charm. No issues at all. Up and running in 5-10 minutes. Also has it’s terminal

Thanks Karmalakas. I will try Laragon. It does say that in the full version PHP is on 7.2 and I need at least 7.3.6 for the latest version of Grav. We’ll see…

Just saw this: [Tutorial] How to add another PHP version (PHP 7.4 - PHP 8.0) - Updated | Laragon. Great!

I got it working!!! Thanks again.