Create local theme. Howto?

Hi Forum, I am new at Grav CMS. How can I use a theme, which is made local on the computer? I have an theme folder in /User/themes, but I can not see it in the admin panel.

Have you followed the theme tutorial?

Thanks for the reply. I am using Xampp/Lampp on a linux computer. I can not use the following comand from the tutorial: bin/plugin devtools new-theme. Everytime I get an error message! What can I do?

See command-line-intro#windows for windows

I am using Linux. Not Windows.

Okay. I saw in the tutorial that there are also Commands for Linux.

I have to preface the command with ‘php’ for it to work on my local Linux development system. So the command would be:

php bin/plugin devtools new-theme

Be sure to execute this from the directory that contains the bin directory.

I tried this already, but it does not work. The whole directory is in this location: /opt/lampp/htdocs/grav-admin/grav-admin/… I do not know what to do. PHP is working and all the other stuff too.

You mentioned you get an error message - which error message you get? The command must be run in the root grav folder (can you do ls bin/plugin or you get an error too?)