Plugin commands not working in CL

Hey! not sure if this is the right place but I started with Grav a couple days ago and I was trying to copy the quark theme but can’t get the devtools plugin to do anything. I’m using xampp on windows and so know I have to put php in front of the command but when I try to run it nothing happens. Actually nothing happens when I try any plugin command not even bin/plugin. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where from are you running it? Does it show any error?

I’m running it from the shell in xampp and no there is no error, nothing happens.

Unfortunately, I am not able to help you with xampp, but when the grav manual calls for:

bin/plugin devtools new-theme

on Ubuntu, I have to run it as the owner of the webserver, i.e.:

sudo -u www-data php bin/plugin new-theme